Ariana Fort


About Ariana Fort


Ariana grew up in the Oakland Hills and spent the majority of her childhood riding horses through the parks and traveling to competitive horse shows. She graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric and Communications. After spending several years as a high-tech public relations executive, Ariana discovered her passion for remodeling homes and found she had an eye for restoring distressed properties. Over the years, Ariana honed her abilities to serve buyers, sellers and developers as well as to renovate houses. You will often find her coordinating contractors to prepare a property for the market as well as picking up a paint brush herself to help out. She is committed to her clients and what is in their best interest. Ariana works in Contra Costa and Alameda counties as well outlining areas such as Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties.

Ariana is currently a Rossmoor resident who loves the resort-like, active lifestyle Rossmoor offers and specializes in promoting its real estate. She is a Senior Real Estate Specialist designee as well.